Roland Fantom G6 Synthesizers

Roland products are known for their ease of use and reliability. The Roland Fantom G6 Synthesizer improves on its predecessor with a newly-designed power sequencer. This model has twice the wave-ROM capacity of the older model, new ARX expansion, and a dedicated effects engine.

Where the Roland Fantom G6 Synthesizer shines is in its features. This keyboard workstation offers extras such as screensavers (there are up to 16 to choose from), customized wallpaper, a USB mouse port, and the ability to use a USB jump drive as storage. The extra-wide 8.5”, glare-free, color LCD screen is also a popular feature allowing advanced graphical user interface.

As a whole, users like the ease of use, easy to follow manual, some of the workstation’s effects, and ease of editing patch changes. While the effects are rated well (users can program up to 22 effects routings), some users do prefer the Motif XS's effects because of its higher-quality reverb and dynamics.

The piano presets on the Roland Fantom G6 Synthesizer have disappointed. While there are many to choose from, musicians point to the "cheap" sounding quality of the presets. Users have also criticized the presets as "thin and tinny.” For users looking for a model with superior-sounding piano presets, they should look into the Motif XS6.

However, the presets are pop-music oriented so the G6 is recommended for players who want to experiment with their pop sounds.

The Roland Fantom G6 Synthesizer typically retails for $2,999.00, but you can find it on sale for less, below. For musicians looking for a keyboard work station that offers some cutting-edge technology, ease of recording, and a beautifully designed system, they should look no further than the G6 Synthesizer.