Korg X50 Synthesizer

The word that comes to mind when thinking about the Korg X50 is useful. The X50 is a synthesizer that packs a lot of features into one handy and rather compact box. It has 61 keys, so you're able to get a lot of freedom to work up and down the keyboard.

The overall package is rather small weighing in under ten pounds. So, taking this device on the road is not a problem at all. But frankly, size and portability only matter if the sound is right.

Let me put your mind to ease, the sound on this unit is great. It tends to do a great job with acoustic sounds, especially woodwinds. The Korg X50 also does a good job when emulating keyboard sounds.

One prime example is a beautiful and subtle Rhodes Piano sound. This allows for some great funk, soul and blues style keyboard playing. There are also some great less than acoustic sounding tones. If electronica, dance and other forms of synth based music are you thing, you will find a lot of options here. You can even perfectly emulate the saw wave tone from Van Halen.

Now, let's go ahead and talk about the tone editing. Editing via the Korg X50 itself can be a little time consuming, but more because of the overwhelming amount of options and less due to the interface.

The interface itself is actually pretty intuitive once you get the hang of it. There is also even a demo button that will do a short scale and little riff with your current settings to let you hear exactly what sort of tone you have.

One of the greatest features is the USB port built into the unit. This allows for quick and easy editing of sounds, but it also allows for the included software to be used as a plug in for many of the most popular recording software suites.

So, whether you're looking for a road warrior or something to add some flare to your studio recordings, the Korg X50 has you covered at an affordable price.