Korg M50-61 Synthesizer

The Korg M50 is definitely one of the lighter high-end synthesizers that are out on the market. It only weighs a very light 15 lbs.

It comes with a colossal amount of new sounds and effects that only a company like Korg can come up with.

The Korg M50 really borrows quite heavily from the elements used by the Korg M3 synthesizer, and further expands on it. It uses a brand new, semi-weighted Natural Touch Keyboard. The Touchview screen is incredibly intuitive that even a total beginner can use them.

The special joystick and knobs that are used on the M50, provide an adaptable way to the chords.

There are seemingly infinite amount of drum track patterns on this machine, wich provide a lot of diverse flavor to your recordings.

The Korg M50 has over 600 sound programs, which were all created by the voicing team at Korg. The first word that comes to your mind when you hear the acoustic instruments, it's definitely “authentic”.

The piano sounds are a plenty. You've got grand pianos, electric pianos, mono pianos, etc….

The tone adjustment on the synthesizers allow you to tweak a particular sound to your particular liking.

You are also able to stack up to 16 sound programs, which can be layered across the workstation. Another option would be to set them to individual MIDI channels. The sounds can all be edited. You can have up to 512 combinations, so the sky is the limit.

The M50 has 5 insert effect along with 2 master effects, which can be assigned any way you please.