Korg Karma Synthesizers

The Korg Karma Synthesizer is based off of Korg's Triton series. However, the KARMA technology, an acronym for Kay Algorithmic Realtime Music Architecture, creates musical phrases, grooves, and passages either at random or in a user-controlled manner. No other synthesizer has KARMA like this Korg.

At first, the KARMA may seem intimidating. The fact that the synthesizer comes with five different manuals to explain all its functions make it appear difficult to get to learn how to operate. But once you get introduced to the technology and get started working with the KARMA, it all falls together and the synthesizer proves to actually be quite easy to use. The display menus on the LCD screen may be enough for you to figure how to use the machine.

The Korg Karma uses the same expansion ROM modules as the Tritone and can also be upgraded with MOSS, which adds yet another synth dimension to the Karma. The machine will auto detect the upgrades and expansions, which makes them a snap to install. Despite its fascinating new technology, the synthesizer requires floppy disks to save sample and sounds and doesn't have a USB port.

The most important aspect of any musical instrument is the quality of music it produces. And the Korg Karma produces top quality sound, thanks to its impressive effects, which add depth to what otherwise is a pretty thin sounding keyboard. The Karma technology makes this synthesizer great for techno/electronic/trance/rave music.

The Karma is a complex tool that is worth the time spent learning it. Its effects and technology will take your music to a new, exciting place.