Korg i3 Synthesizers

The Korg i3 is an extremely powerful synthesizer which has a ton of great features that even the snobbiest of professionals will enjoy using. Here are just some of the many great applications that this machine has. Some are basic while others are more advanced.

When using it as a stand-alone keyboard for playing a wide variety of instrument sounds, the engine of the Korg i3 has a collection of sounds which are based on the award winning 01/W Family of Korg Instruments, so even though may just be using this synthesizer for playing basic piano, strings, drums, etc….you’ll know that you are getting the highest quality.

If you just want to use it as a backup band, the Korg i3 is a perfect tool for both practicing and improvising.

If you are more interested in using it as a songwriting tool, you can use the i3 for its “music database” of different styles and arrangements, which will definitely give you some help. With its database, you can build on these musical ideas with a backing sequence. If you are looking for a more clear-cut type of sequencing, you can also use their professional 16- track sequencer that can both read and write standard MIDI files.

The Korg i3 also has an interactive live performance instrument. You have everything you need to create a professional, musical performance.